Are you willing to put in the extra miles in your life? Are you willing to do what others aren’t doing? Are you ready to be put in bad situations for a period not knowing for sure that what you want will happen? Well, you know what can happen, and you will chase those odds? Yeah, this is a power within itself and be blessed if you have put this in your conditioning early on. It doesn’t matter though because you can install this power in your life today with a simple shift in how you view the life you live. If you need that extra push, that extra foot, or extra inch the right direction you always have to go back to who and why you’re doing the things you’re doing. Is it family? Is the chance of having a better life in the future? Is it the fact that you can no longer live the way you have been living? If you can look deep down and realize that these reasons will make you never quit, then good for you. You have learned a major skill that will carry on with you the rest of your life. It’s strange because you will find you are more productive and able to get more done a day when you have the belief that whatever you want will come with the steps you take every day. Would you stop from a dangerous surf if you were going to be the greatest in the world no and you would bring your phone along since http/ will fix it any ways.

Make adjustments when necessary, but honestly, what you want is coming to you because you will manifest this in your daily activities. It is strange because the universe puts things in your life you might not know you need until later on, and things start to click in your head, and it makes all sense. Have you ever just been going on with your day and notice how for a while into something things are going bad, but then right after everything you seem to need starts falling in your lap with the adjustments you made? This is because we are not perfect and what we think is the move to do at the time, is not the move at all, but we would have never known that if we didn’t try. That’s why action with learning always create a result we want! It won’t be on the first try or maybe the 20th, but it has to happen because you have visioned it too often for it not too. People may have told you to make vision books or things that will make you constantly see the world you want for yourself. This is a good practice along with affirmations and connecting to the higher spirit above! Give it a shot and you will find that it is a good way to keep you on track on your goals and daily tasks! Great talking and continue on this series with me for the next writing I have!

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