Becoming The Monster you Fear


Many say that if you give into the less then civilized reactions, you will not complete your tasks, well I’m here to tell you that’s a lie since it’s the part of you brain that evolved from a creature that was no different from an animal that will make the difference in the end. Animal instinct mixed with human intelligence that is what makes every person in then world a monster when it comes to winning not matter the cost. By indulging into the variable factors of our human psyches which mean using moments of clarity born of anger and sorrow, we become more self-aware of what needs to be done. The characteristics that make us so spectacular as a people that no animal in history can compare so take ever chance to win no matter the costs or you will never really live the days the way you want. The monster is a gift most believe they have because our new society is trying to suppress the side of you that makes it impossible to control. Not fitting into any agenda they have created in a lame attempt of keeping what they have only one monster can be left standing its the rule that has existed in this world since humanity began so rule you choice and master you craft and the consequences be damned.  Be like these guys http:// moving people forward and making that money no matter what it costs with great service.

One of the most inspirational stories was a tale from Rome to me about a hero named Horatius one man who changed the whole idea of what standing against undefeatable odds when he held a bridge against an entire army alone. “Then out spoke brave Horatius the captain of the gate to every man upon this earth death cometh soon or late and how can a man die better than facing fearful odds for the ashes of our fathers and the temples of our gods.” Be like this man who did what most people would call insane and hold the bridge to your dream from all those who would take it from you and in the end you be given an opportunity to fall safely into the waters. And appear on the shores of you success laughing joyously with all those who believed in you that were what here this whole time. Being able to use what is inside of you is the most important thing we can learn in this life because we have always been enough. The Buddhist belief says’s we can only learn the gift awaking to the sate of real revelation about what the world is when we let go of the belief there are any limitations there earning are way into nirvana where dreams and peace can exist. I will not fade into what makes me stronger; you only need to breathe, let go and say I will survive all the neurotic moments I have lost to and focus on the will to change. And I am not proud, of being cold-blooded or fake, I will shut the world away, so Open your eyes to new possibility loss forms of weakness and give into the dream of enormous power!

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