motivation 3

One day you ill be faced to look at yourself and wonder if the life you’re living is the life that will be the one you wanted when you are on your deathbed. Think about what I just said to you. You do not want to die with any regrets of kind of situations you could have had. You want to figure yourself pout now so that you can be the happiest and most fulfilled person you can be. They don’t teach us in school to be on top of this. They only train you to be a part of society. This will be a life-long learning process of hat you are and who you want to be. I love that this journey will never end until our hearts stop and by then you will have this whole manuscript of everything you were doing and are. Let’s write down now who we are and everything we want to happen. If you write it down, then it will happen easier, and it will compel you to get there. I challenge you today to make the choice not to be a sheep anymore and be a lion to everything you could ever be. The first level of success in life is to be able to see the life you have coming to you. I say that if you can keep this vision in the frontal lobe of your mind every day and then you will start to see it eventually over a gradual process. Something you once saw in your head will then be seen by everyone around you when it starts to come to life. The thing is when you do what you have to do in private; the world will see it in public. What you do behind closed doors and practice every day is what you will have to offer the world. Man dreaming and acting in the direction that will get you there is the most exciting thing you will ever do. You will be born into this world, but the greatest day will be when you figure out why you were born. Don’t worry about the how just worry about the work towards it. The how will come, I guarantee it. What r you focus on will make the expansive move in your direction. There will be years when it doesn’t work and that you want to shoot yourself in the head. That is temporary; I’m telling you that it is easy to get through the pain and discomfort if you know that this isn’t where you will be forever. Don’t get caught up on the little things. You are bigger than that! There isn’t anyone who ever did anything in their life who didn’t have hard times before the good days came. It is written in mother nature and the universe. It rains then what happens? It’s dark out then what comes out in the morning? Look at how the universe has been crafted for us.

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